7 dreams dreamt by 7 dreamers and illustrated by Judith Rocabert

Download Movies Online This week I would like to show the work of my friend Judith Rocabert, a many-sided artist from Valencia currently living in Barcelona. Judith’s work invites us to enter in the personal dream world of seven of her friends who she asked to mail her letters about their dreams. The result is an edition of 3 delicate books called “Sueños a la carta. 7 sueños soñados por 7 soñadores e ilustrados por Judith Rocabert” (“Dreams à la carte. 7 dreams dreamt by 7 dreamers and illustrated by Judith Rocabert”) containing prints of the original letters mailed to her, followed by her illustrations interpreting those dreams. The magic of illustration is depicted in these images through mixed techniques such us water colors, ink and collage. Images that underline the importance of the subconscious and invite us to understand art as a way of dreaming that turns those personal and unique experiences into eternal images for the joy of others. A world of symbolism, ghosts, virtual and real objects as seen by Judith and that I hope you will enjoy.

Cristian Subirà // Dysfunctional Tour

Working along with the past couple of weeks, Cristian Subirà finishes off this round with a story of his recent tour in the US. I probably should have put this up when it was fresh off of the press, but I perhaps jumped the gun with excitement over the mix and the collages that he submitted around the same time. Perhaps his story will further enrich what he has shared with us so far, as stories always do. Thanks again Cristian.

CS: Matt ask me to write some lines about my first tour around the US. I accepted because I thought it would be a good way of finishing the trip, an html apendix. I’ve never had a diary so trying to give a chronological order of the events is something I’m not used to. I’m a dispersed person that moves back and forth in conversations. It takes a while until I arrive to the point I was shooting for. Like I’m doing right now.

The thing is that a while before I decided that if I was touring as a solo act, I would not to book as many as shows I could on the days I was on the road. It would be a trip that I would fill with shows to help to pay the expenses. The places I’d visit and the locals I’d interact would be the important part, not the venue or the money. That sounds hippie as f**k. Yeah ! I know. Whatever.

Things We Like WAFA Collective

This week I wanted to post about the WAFA (We Are Fucking Awesome), a collective of artists I learned about from my favorite collage blog, NOTPAPER.NET. Consisting of members from around the world, Vancouver, Portland, Seattle, North Carolina, St. Paul, Sydney, Brighton, and Norwich, all of the work posted on their website is a collaborative effort of two or more of their members. I think this way of working has resulted in a vast number of works and an inherent eclecticism. Mail art, collage books, magazines, framed works and installation are some of the categories their projects fit into. And as I will probably continue following their progress, I thought it would be best to focus on one project at time instead of a summation. Firstly, I would like to show their collage books.