Cristian Subirà // Dysfunctional Tour

Working along with the past couple of weeks, Cristian Subirà finishes off this round with a story of his recent tour in the US. I probably should have put this up when it was fresh off of the press, but I perhaps jumped the gun with excitement over the mix and the collages that he submitted around the same time. Perhaps his story will further enrich what he has shared with us so far, as stories always do. Thanks again Cristian.

CS: Matt ask me to write some lines about my first tour around the US. I accepted because I thought it would be a good way of finishing the trip, an html apendix. I’ve never had a diary so trying to give a chronological order of the events is something I’m not used to. I’m a dispersed person that moves back and forth in conversations. It takes a while until I arrive to the point I was shooting for. Like I’m doing right now.

The thing is that a while before I decided that if I was touring as a solo act, I would not to book as many as shows I could on the days I was on the road. It would be a trip that I would fill with shows to help to pay the expenses. The places I’d visit and the locals I’d interact would be the important part, not the venue or the money. That sounds hippie as f**k. Yeah ! I know. Whatever.

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