7 dreams dreamt by 7 dreamers and illustrated by Judith Rocabert

Download Movies Online This week I would like to show the work of my friend Judith Rocabert, a many-sided artist from Valencia currently living in Barcelona. Judith’s work invites us to enter in the personal dream world of seven of her friends who she asked to mail her letters about their dreams. The result is an edition of 3 delicate books called “Sueños a la carta. 7 sueños soñados por 7 soñadores e ilustrados por Judith Rocabert” (“Dreams à la carte. 7 dreams dreamt by 7 dreamers and illustrated by Judith Rocabert”) containing prints of the original letters mailed to her, followed by her illustrations interpreting those dreams. The magic of illustration is depicted in these images through mixed techniques such us water colors, ink and collage. Images that underline the importance of the subconscious and invite us to understand art as a way of dreaming that turns those personal and unique experiences into eternal images for the joy of others. A world of symbolism, ghosts, virtual and real objects as seen by Judith and that I hope you will enjoy.

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